For and by students

Students who are worried first turn to their friends. Being able to count on someone, even when you are struggling, is worth a lot. But maybe you don't know who to turn to, or perhaps you prefer to talk to someone who is not too close to you? There are many initiatives in which students offer other students a listening ear based on their own experience and insights.

Offer or find help

Would you like to support other students yourself? Or would you like to address your concerns to a fellow student? Contact the student services department of your college or university. They will point you in the direction of the existing support services of universities, colleges and student associations.

Study and relax together

At colleges and universities, you will find many wonderful student societies and clubs. They make student life fun and enjoyable by organising activities. These activities are also for those who are struggling. Besides enjoying the fun and relaxing activities, you will also build up connections with other students.


Being able to count on someone, even when you are having a hard time, is priceless - because a little extra encouragement makes dark clouds a bit brighter.

That is why PepSpace has been created: a place full of warm compliments, pep talk and digital motivation. There you can refuel or whoever needs it.