Did you know?

Just like plants need sunlight, water and minerals to grow, people need autonomy, connectedness and competence. They make you feel comfortable in your own skin and allow you to give it your all, time and time again. The better these needs are met, the more energy you have, the more flexibly you have to act and the more resilient you are at coping with difficulties. When these basic needs are not entirely met, you are less likely to feel good and you will be more vulnerable to emotional problems.

The ABC of psychology

Eating and drinking sufficiently is essential for your physical well-being. Your mental well-being and resilience rely on the fulfilment of your three basic psychological needs. This is true for everybody, regardless of age, gender or origin.

These needs include:

  • autonomy: the need to be yourself, i.e., to feel free to share your opinions and make your own decisions. You are able to act authentically.
  • connectedness (or bonding): the need to develop and maintain a warm, close bond with your loved ones. You experience connectedness when you know you mean something to someone, or when you belong to and feel part of a group.
  • competence: the need to feel capable and skilled in what you are doing. You have faith in yourself and your ability to successfully complete your tasks and meet your challenges. This enables you to achieve your goals and take steps in your growth process.

Together they form the ABC of psychology.

Discover how to charge your ABC battery

The control of your life: LifeCraft

LifeCraft is an online self-help programme that teaches you to pay more attention to your ABC needs. It allows you to discover how to spend more time on what you feel is truly important. Through your choices you can give direction to your life, recharge your ABC battery and feel more energetic.

Connectedness as a vitamin and medicine

Do you feel connected to your college or university and maintain a good relationship with tutors/lecturers and fellow students? If so, you are half as likely to develop emotional problems. You feel better in your own skin and often perform better as well. Connectedness gives you the feeling you are not alone and protects you during hard times. In return, you pass that same feeling to people whom you feel connected with. But connectedness is much more than just a feeling. It also refers to being part of a larger entity and finding meaning within that.

Meeting students

Do you wish to meet other students? Do you want your university, college or student city to grow into a warm place where every student feels at home?
Discover the many activities for and by students – also for those who are going through a hard time.


Being able to count on someone, even when you are having a hard time, is priceless.

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Because with some help from a friend, what is heavy becomes lighter