Come sit with yourself,
just for a moment.
Put an arm around your waist,
your head on a shoulder.
Be kind to yourself,
as you would to others.
Just for a moment,
come sit with yourself.

Saying goodbye is like the tide.
Memories will come and go.

Life can be like swimming. Sometimes you need to swim against the tide, sometimes you will face bigger waves.
But always choosing your own stroke.

Mathematics was never my strongest subject,
I prefer to count on my feelings.

Be kind. And if you can. Even kinder to yourself.

If the words are too loud, let silence do the talking.

If life is at a standstill
take this time
to breathe
in and out

It has taken me some time.
But now I’m starting to get.
That I am who I am and the world is the world.
That some friction is fine.
My silence clashing with the roaring world.
Listen. Can you hear? My heart. It’s beating.

Never forget who you are, the soil that helps you flourish and the skies that make you fly high.

Life. That’s finding your way. Looking back to where you’ve come from. Standing still, now and then. Keep walking. One step at a time.

My own superhero, now and then, I wish that was me.

I hope that you can trust
That things will work out
that you will work it out
that everything will be worked out
in time.

How taking care of yourself
can start with doing the tiniest of things*
And how you are entitled to care.
About others. About yourself.

* Getting some fresh air, your eyes closed, some time with a friend or a book. Perhaps.

Make time. And room. For how you feel.

Look at the sun and how it shines.
Just for you. Especially for you.
Wishing you
a shiny face,
your head on cloud nine,
the wind in your hair.

I’m a doubter. Without a doubt.

Who shares, grows.

Time will tell. Time will clear your mind.

Be courageous. Hold on. Hold tight.

Slowly they grow. The trees as they aim for the sky.
But first they take time to root.
First the roots.

To be lost and found
in the maze of life.

Listen to yourself.
To what is silenced but wants to be heard.
That’s the first step to conversation.

The time of your life
(that’s what they say)
And some time to clear your mind.

Don’t stop
Keep going
You’ve got this

PS You’re doing great

Don’t put yourself in between brackets.
Don’t add question marks to how you feel.
You are you.
Full stop.

To stumble is my favorite verb.
To stumble is to bump into yourself.

Being together. Just because. No words necessary.
Letting our silence do the talking. Together.

I hear you.
And I love seeing you.

Just feel it. You can do more than you think.

Even the heaviest of storms blow over.


(*a walk, a talk or laughing out loud, going out for drinks, dreaming the wildest dreams or doing some studying perhaps…)

Let’s embrace.
Our dreams.

Your courage is above and beyond.
Even if you try
you can never set the bar
that high.

Just like the sea started with a single drop,
a book started with a first sentence,
your future starts with a small step.

Just ask
to carry

Because you
just like that
know how to
chase the clouds away.

It starts with confidence.
Next, everything is possible.

A new beginning
Not knowing yet where it will lead yo.
And still: going ahead, having confidence
That it will be okay
That it is okay
As it is.

I’m thinking about you.
As you know.
I’m feeling for you.
Did you know?
I’m right behind you.
Take a look!

How much you are worth to me, can not be measured in grades.

Between having and wanting there is a world of different feelings.

Together what was heavy, becomes light.

You are not alone

(That’s what life will tell you, not books)

Go ahead. Be you.