Did you know?

The name 'OverKop' was suggested by young people. Overkop (flipping over) may be cool, but it also refers to your head and the worries that sometimes nestle there. Even if you get lost in your head, you can easily find your way to an OverKop house or the OverKop platform. Just have a look: you are allowed to be who you are.

Where you can get help

You are always welcome at 1 of the 5 Overkop houses, but also for a chat with staff members using the online chat between 6pm and 10pm, every day except Sundays and national holidays.

The OverKop houses

OverKop Ostend

OverKop Ghent

OverKop Genk

OverKop Mechelen

OverKop Tienen

More about OverKop houses

And it does not stop with those five. In Flanders and Brussels, many more OverKop houses are being built, including in Aalst, Antwerp, Beringen, Boom, Brussels, Halle, Hasselt, Herentals, Kortrijk, Ypres, Kalmthout, Lier, Lommel, Menin, Molenbeek, Mortsel, Peer, Pelt, Poperinge, Ronse, Schaerbeek, Sint-Niklaas, Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, Sint-Truiden, Vilvoorde, Wetteren, Willebroek and Zandhoven.
So maybe there is also one (coming) in your neighbourhood. Don't want to miss anything? Check OverKop.be.